Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Volunteers needed...pretty pretty please!

The Handmade Ho Down is in need of some volunteers! If you haven't already marked our event on your calendar, now is a good time! The event itself is December 3rd from 6pm til midnight, but we have stuff for people to help out with before the show as well!

Our core committee is a rag-tag group of 7, and we could definitely use some help. We're asking for just two hours of your help, and we have spots open to help set up before the event, as well as lots of stuff to do during the event! From checking people off the VIP guest list to selling raffle tickets to hanging out at the info table to posting flyers and posters, there's something for everyone!

If you could spare a bit of time to help, we would really appreciate it! If you are interested at all in helping out in any way, either day of (please!) or before, please contact the volunteer chair Rick Kitagawa at: He's friendly, won't bite, and likes meeting enthusiastic volunteers.

Thanks a bajillion!

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