Saturday, November 28, 2009

Transient Treasures

Among an incredible variety of treasures keys, spoons and vintage jewelry, the amazing wind chimes from coffee and tea pots have to be among the most creative items to be found. One look at those and we understand why owner of Transient Treasures, Nora Matthes-Kniveton is so fascinated with Tea Parties and Alice in Wonderland!

Her treasures are inspired by the desire to see "worthless" items turned into something that makes others see as aethetically pleasing and marketable. She learned her craft mostly by trial and error. Having an Etsy shop for vintage objects, launching the artistic vintage-based creations seemed like a logical next step.

Nora loves really strong, fresh coffee and oaky Chardonnay. Her "If money were no object" dream is going to Greece, eating seafood, drinking local wine, and soaking up the seascape. Another person joining the list of wanting to come be a cat for a week, Nora's secret TV crush was Robin ("Batman and Robin") - and then Magnum PI.

She loves doing craft shows and seeing how people react to her products.For Nora, the spirit of giving means doing what you can, each day.

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