Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Enchanted Square

Ruth Tillman of The Enchanted Square credits Martha Stewart for getting her started on Etsy. She had struggled for awhile to start a website and sell her quilts, dolls and bags. After seeing a Martha Stewart show that featured an Etsy seller, Ruth checked out the website, loved the look, and jumped right in. Now she's recruited her housmate Mary and her Aunt to Etsy.

Inspired by color, pattern, construction, books and websites, she constantly carries her camera to help the mental notes she makes. She finds that the creative chances taken by others encourages her own boldness. Ruth's sewing teachers were her grandmother, mother and great aunt. She began making quilts at age 10.

Born and raised in Alameda, she loves the cool nights and fresh air of the holidays, crazy discussions with her children, cuddling, and the light of the short days. Her "Day as President Obama" would be spent encouraging all to take part in our future.

The mother of three is thrilled that the HHD supports an art program for kids. She helps teach art in her childrens' schools, in response to budget and program cuts there. She believes that learning about art teaches appreciation, techniques, and expressiveness.

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