Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meghan Patrice Riley, handmade fine jewelry

"Making jewelry is the best job in the world" says Meghan Patrice Riley. She learned her craft by taking classes everywhere and apprenticing with a fine jewelry maker. Her "other job" is working with nonprofits and government agencies to provide housing to low-income families - exactly in line with making handmade things and supporting locally made goods.

The Mission is her favorite neighborhood for tossing one back. And the drink of choice is a Kombucha - tasty and fizzy! Singing Radiohead's "Creep" is her Karaoke song. She dreamed of fighting ghosts with Slimer.

What is the craziest gift you have ever received?

I was surprised with a wax pen by my amazing fiance. It's great! I can sculpt in wax more easily with this tool.

Which one song describes your life the best? Why?

Mad World by Tears for Fears. It's has a depressing sentiment which I would say is not an echo of my life, but I absolutely love this song. I work a lot, am involved with a lot of projects and I run around a bit "mad."

We are beyond excited to have Meghan vend at our show, can't wait to see you in her booth!

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