Monday, November 23, 2009

All One Word

"My name is Mary Elizabeth. I live in the East Bay right across from S.F. California. I went to Mills College and studied Art History. It is all pretty normal stuff really, this part of my life.
However, a year and a half ago many of the things in my life changed: I started to ride my bike. " -- Mary Elizabeth, of All One Word.

Which one song describes your life the best? Why?

Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos. It seems like so many times in my life things could have gone horribly wrong. But, at the last second, I am steered away from the cliffs edge towards safety.

What does the spirit of giving mean to you?

Supporting people in your life and beyond. Not just folks you know but all the people in your life. Do no harm. The golden rule. You know that kinda thing.

Is this your first craft show? How come Handmade Ho Down got to be so honored?

Yes this is my first real craft show. You folks let me in. We will see if that was such a good idea.

Dish on your most embarrassing moment. We won't tell...a WHOLE lot of people.

I was bowling with my then boyfriend and others. I was a young teenager. Believe it or not I was super shy then. When I came to my turn I could hardly walk up get the ball, and get it down the ally. To get it over with I grabbed the ball and hurled it down the ally. What I failed to notice was the thing that comes down over the pins was still in the way. CRACK! My ball hit it. The noise was so loud that all other play, talking, anything stopped. Then the ball started to roll back up the isle to me, and then it stopped. I had to go half way down the ally to retrieve it. My friends have recovered and were laughing so hard tears streamed down their faces.

Yup, there are other more embarrassing moments in my life, but I was drunk and don't remember them.


  1. Hi, It is me. Come by and say Hi at the HH-D. I'm in booth 70 kitty corner from the bar. Its good thing I don't drink anymore, no free show of Mary's most recent embarrassing moment at my first craft fair. :)
    Mary of alloneword

  2. Its Phaedra: woot woot! I am there!