Saturday, November 14, 2009

Earth Cultured healing crystals

While on a year-long global backpacking adventure, Nilu and her husband spent four months living just outside of Nepal, in the Himalayas. By chance (well, what’s “chance” anyway?), they entered a shop run by a fellow known locally as Mala Walla (Hindu for "Necklace Master"). Amazing macramé necklaces were everywhere!

While sharing some chai in the shop, surrounded by the beautiful macramé necklaces, Nilu learned the history behind Mala Walla's jewelry. He told her that ancient monks bound their powerful healing stones with macramé to facilitate everyday wear, thus keeping the strong healing properties of the stones with them at all times.

During the four months that Nilu and her husband spent in the Himalayas they became fast, close friends with Mala Walla. The couple spent their days and nights listening to Hindi house music, eating fantastic foods, and mastering the skill of macramé under Mala Walla’s tutelage.

Many months later, Nilu returned to San Francisco and began creating her own beautiful, wearable, healing pieces of netted jewelry. Her Etsy shop, Earth Cultured, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the beauty and healing properties of natural stones that incorporate ancient macramé techniques.

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