Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Behind Handmade Ho Down- Meet the Committee

As part of the series, Behind Handmade Ho Down, we invite you to meet the committee members who have helped make this event possible.

Today we meet Sandy List, our Editor-In-Chief and Charity Liason.

Sandy joined Etsy  when she opened her Sagehealer shop in Sept. 2009.  She is a spiritual healer, long time meditator, and shamanism student. Currently, Sandy lives in Marin, CA with her dog Nina. She has been a member of the SF Etsy Street team since last year.

The journey to Etsy came about after a year-long class with cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien. 

"We were given "click sticks" and  encouraged to use beads or personal marks on them to give them power. After picking up some gemstones and charms, I started making smudge sticks (which I had used for years but never made) and then combining them with the beads I brought home. A special talisman emerged much to my surprise", she says. 

After giving many as gifts, Sandy was encouraged to sell them on Etsy. 

"As a result of my late-blooming craft as an artist,  I see the world around me with new awareness and deeper connection to nature and Spirit in all things."

Sandy makes healing talismans, shamanic rattles, and smudge sticks. These beautiful and spiritual items can be found on her etsy shop, SageHealer.

Sandy is the official Editor-In-Chief of all things Handmade Ho Down as well as the Charity Chair for this event.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

its getting hot in here

The Handmade Ho-Down crew is busy finalizing images, flyers, website content, working with our charity group, verifying the vendor application process, spreading the word to potential vendors all over the Bay Area, and frequently meeting as a group to come up with even more ideas to make this event kick some booty!

We are all so excited about this Thursday, October 1st! On this awesome day, we will be revealing our official website, announcing our venue location, and opening up the registration process!

If you are already on the Potential Vendor list, this means that we will contact you as soon as the website goes live, with instructions on how to apply!

 Do you hear that sound? It's the Handmade Ho-Down crew giddy with anticipation!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

word on the street.....

Hello fellow artist/craftisans!

Are you, or someone you know, interested in being a vendor at the first (ever!) SF Etsy craft show, Handmade Ho-Down? Then fill out this Potential Vendor Interest Form.

Event Details:
Handmade Ho Down
Thursday December 3, 2009.
TBA in San Francisco, Ca
please note venue change

Vendor Fee:
TBD (more details to come)

For many shows, the vendor fee is what helps support the costs of this event. It is the goal of Handmade Ho Down to ensure quality vendors who offer quality prices, while the event itself aims to give back to the vendors with a perk filled package that is too sweet to resist!

This craft show will be promoted consistently and with an intense eagerness to bring in buyers. We not only intend to make the attendee experience out of this world, but the vendor one like no other craft show. Keep in mind that this is an OFFICIAL Etsy sponsored event!

Such perks include:
  • extreme press exposure
  • full support up to end of the show
  • an intense marketing strategy to bring in muchos shoppers
  • free t-shirts
  • gift wrapping station
  • VIP break/press room
  • dj music
  • tons of promotional opportunities

There will be music, art, all types of craftisans, a charity raffle, press, and fully stocked bars to get us all in the holiday spirit and much much more! Not to mention we plan to make this event kick off the long list of Holiday craft shows already scheduled for later in the month!

If you are potentially interested in vending at this event, please complete the form below. We will contact you within the next two weeks with more details for submitting applications and how amazing it will be to be a vendor.

Please complete the Handmade Ho Down SF Etsy Craft Show Potential Vendor Interest Form.

When the application process opens, you will be immediately notified (before anyone else!).


Thanks so much on behalf of the entire Handmade Ho Down committee!