Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage Oddities

Longtime Oakland resident Janyce Engan, of Vintage Oddities has created needlework and various forms of fiber art since childhood. She learned to sew and knit from her grandmother, who shared many tricks and secrets from her own learning during the Great Depression about how to do amazing things like making making a bit of cloth stretch and look lovely at the same time.

A year ago, Janyce branched out into exploring different styles, focusing mainly on vintage and historic fashion. Her Etsy shop opened in April 2008. A delightful selection of colorful vintage beads, buttons and findings are offered in her shop - check out the YUMMY green grape headpins. Janyce's creations are inspired by beautiful fashion plates, Art Deco items, and even World War II images.

She would really love to be a pampered house cat for a week... or really lifetime (wouldn't we all?). She would just eat, play, and be petted all week long. Adores Cosmopolitans. A big part of her "give back to the community" time is donating time and materials that are helping Berkeley High music fundraiser.

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