Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Bubbles and Boo

Meet Louise Bedsworth, the designer at Bubbles and Boo, based out of Oakland, Ca. She creates fun, functional products for stylish and creative moms and kids, including project and tote bags, fabric strorage buckets, and children's clothing.

What inspires your creations?

I love fabric and pattern - and, I have a ton of it! So, mostly, I guess that I would say that I am inspired by great fabric. I also tend to look at things and think, "I can make that." - even if there is really no way that I probably could. So, I tend to try a lot of
things. While I have been sewing for our kids and our home for a while, I think that my husband is glad that I am finally working through some of my fabric stash.

How did you learn your craft?

I am fairly self-taught. My roommate in grad school got an old sewing machine and this fabulous stash of fabric (left from one of her grandparents who was a tailor/seamstress). She helped me make my first skirt ( a cute little plaid number) and then I went from there.

What does buying and selling local handmade mean to you, and how has it affected your life?

I love to buy something from the person who made it. It has been great to see more and more people selling handmade items locally through street fairs, farmers'
markets, etc.. I also have to say, it has been really inspiring to me.

As this is a charity event for DrawBridge, give us some insight on how you personally, or your shop, gives back to your community.

These days, most of my time is given back through work with environmental agencies and on environmental issues. It was great to read about DrawBridge - it sounds like a terrific organization and one that I would love to support and get involved with.

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