Wednesday, November 25, 2009

satin corset

Inspired by old-world items, dreams, nature, and the bright colors floating across her eyelids are some of the sources that inspire Tyler Pimental of SatinCorset. The delicate and colorful jewelry found in her shop certainly show the fruits of her inspirations.

"Loose Control" (by backtednted) is the song of her life - because "We all need to lose control sometimes". She would love to be a fish going "whoop" while driving a car - mabye in a panic ... and out of control. Vodka Rockstar Juiced - orange, carbonated, sweet and tart - is her favorite drink. Working out a Japanese quiz challenges her, and she says Tokyo is her favorite city.

The Handmade Ho Down is her first craft show, though she's all about the indie, local, handmade creatife force. Unlocking the creative force of one's own two hands helps her appreciate what other local artisans create. "The kinds of things you can buy from handmade artisans are just too cool, so much better than what's available at the mall!"

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