Monday, November 30, 2009

Picture Yourself Inside the MAGNOLIA PHOTO BOOTH!

Just when we thought this event couldn't get any cooler, Magnolia Photo Booth jumps in and pumps it up another notch!
The Magnolia Photo Booth Co. combines the classic privacy and spontaneity of the photo booth with the latest in professional digital studio photography to make sure the fun comes fast and the memories last.

So, what can we expect from the MAGBOOTH at the Handmade Ho Down?
Not only will there be an attendant who will bring along a variety of props and accessories (I am so being a pirate!); but we'll also be able to get in the booth as many times as we want and take home hundreds of photos that print in under 15 seconds a pop!
Everyone will also be able to view the event photos, order re-prints, or download files to make their own prints on the magnolia website!

Use of the photo booth are entirely complimentary, but there will be a tip jar for all to show your appreciation. Portions of Magnolia Photo Booth will go towards DrawBridge, so be sure to tip your Photo Booth attendant!
What's more, Magnolia has really stepped up by donating a $1000 gift certificate for our charity raffle to go towards a MAGBOOTH for your own event! Wow, Magnolia has proven they love our community and we LOVE Magnolia!

So, I guess the only question we have left is, "How many Handmade Ho Down crew members can we fit into a MAGBOOTH?"


  1. Yippie I can't wait. This looks like so much fun.

  2. Rick needs to block out a time slot for all the HHD Too Live Crew members to fit into that photo booth. With mustaches. So stoked - can't WAIT!