Monday, November 16, 2009

Recession Clothing: Organic, funky, sexy.

Recession Clothing, based out of Oakland, focuses on creating original, one-of-a-kind clothing made from organic materials. Their fresh outlook, and amazingly comfortable panties (wink), make getting ready for work something to look forward to!

If money were no object for just one day, what would you do?

Promote Recession's Underwear of the Month Club! We've just released it and though we've gotten a great reception, we really want the club to grow! Who doesn't want a new pair of underwear, featuring screen-printed images from a new artist each month?! So, I'd get every fashionblogonista out there covering it, get it in every fashion magazine... I'd also purchase a life time's supply of organic cotton/lycra blend fabric. Then I suppose I'd fly with Leah down to South America to hang out on the beach for a while...

How did you learn your craft?

I made my first piece of clothing in High school and I’ll never forget it.

At some point I decided that footy pajamas were the coolest thing ever and it was a sin and a crime that these things weren’t available for me, 180 lbs, 6’1”. I went to a local fabric store and bought a couple of yards of black fleece.

My parents were going into NYC so I had the house to myself for the night. I put on a bunch of jazz CDs, and hauled my mom’s sewing machine into the dining room. I just went right for it, took off all my clothes, hacked up that fabric and got mega crazy on those jammies.

By midnight I finally had a really really weird piece of clothing. It was a full body onesie, and I climbed in through the neck and then fastened one of the shoulders with random buttons. If I’d had a pair of peg legs, weighed 300 lbs, and had twigs for arms, then it would have fit like a glove. I wore that sucker to school the next day. Take that High School.

My "skill" developed from then on. I studied art in college, and afterward wanted to do something creative that would make me some money. I first just screenprinted on clothes. Moving onto sewing my own garments to print just followed.

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