Thursday, October 1, 2009

Registration Now Open

 Can I get a "Ho Down"!?

bells and whistles please.....

Please visit us at The Handmade Ho Down Crew has worked their behinds off getting the website ready in time for today, and guess what? WE DID IT! It is on this brand spanking new site that we have revealed the location and our official charity of the event!

Registration for Handmade Ho Down 2009 is now officialllllllllly open! Registration closes October 22nd so be sure to get to it!

The registration process is simple, quick, and easy. There are just three steps! From the website, just click on the Vendors page, then click the magic button to register. It is all mapped out for you.

On behalf of the Handmade Ho Down Crew, I would like to personally say that this whole event has been put together with you, the vendor, in mind. I can not wait to see you there!

Feel free to email us at if you any questions or feedback.

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