Thursday, October 29, 2009

Behind Handmade Ho Down- Meet the Committee

In today's Behind Handmade Ho Down, we meet Rebecca Gatanis, our Vendor and Logistics Chair, Sponsor Cohort, and Music coordinator.

Rebecca Gatanis of Jim Dandy’s started selling on Etsy in January of 2009, and loves spending what’s left of her paycheck on all the sweetest Etsy items possible!

As a writer by profession, skill, and inclination, Rebecca is also a single mother (to a remarkable and bright 7 year old little girl), Girl Scout troop leader (of another 13 amazing 7 year olds), thrift store ninja, dinner party hostess with the most-est, owner of a wrinkly and adorable Shar-Pei, and an aspiring adult who loves to be surrounded in eclectic and inspiring environments.

“I never considered myself the hands-on crafts type, as my creative outlet has typically been my writing. I've always had really cool ideas, but felt like I just wasn't the type to be able to construct them into reality.

Then one day I made a few feather hair pieces for the girls and me, for a night on the town. Everywhere we went, with our feathered hair pieces adorned in our hair, we were bombarded with flattery. Before we knew it, the whole city was going crazy trying to get a hold of these unique feathered objects of obsession. Men and women alike were falling at our feet. We found ourselves immersed in pools of salivation. At one point, as the love thirsty mob chased us down and almost killed us, I thought to myself… Hey, I can make enough for everyone!”


And  thus, Jim Dandy's was born. Ever since, Jim Dandy's has been adorning the heads of many and quenching the fanciful obsession of many.

Rebecca is the Vendor and Logistics Chair for Handmade HoDown (Too Live Crew), as well as Website Designer, Facebook addict, and Music coordinator!

Currently her etsy shop does not have any listings, until Handmade Ho Down happens, but she is available for consignment, is participating in craft shows throughout the end of the year, and welcomes custom orders. Visit the official Jim Dandy's website for more information.

You can also try to keep up with her, on her blog, Running With Feathers.


  1. Nice, Becs. I like your pic - actually, you're kinda hot. wanna make out?