Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Behind Handmade Ho Down- Meet the Committee

As part of the series, Behind Handmade Ho Down, we invite you to meet the committee members who have helped make this event possible.

Today we meet Alana Rivera, our Sponsor Co-Chair and Tweeter.

Born and raised in the beautiful yet painfully small town of Willits, Alana escaped the first chance she got to the lovely slightly larger small town of Santa Barbara...

In 2004 Alana moved to San Francisco with happy thoughts of working for the man in a PR firm.  After a horrible stint at a "electric rental car" company for tourists and a multi year "what if I want to be a lawyer" adventure in legal support, Alana finally found a dreamy PR job.  Fortunately, via this PR miracle, Alana realized that she really didnt want to do PR or work for the man after all.

Lucky enough for her, right before the PR job, Alana had received a book on soap making after complaining about her lack of hobbies to her mom.

Eventually, she realized that her true passion was products, and after completing a Certificate in Herbalism (study of medicinal qualities of herbs) she started an eco conscious bath and body company, and thus Etta + Billie was born.

She loves to cook and is an avid reader who is absolutely obsessed with the True Blood series at the moment.  She desperately wants a dog but must resign herself to fish for the time being.  Alana likes to dress up in 80s prom dresses and trys to live her life in a more earth friendly manner.

Alana is the Sponsor Co-Chair, the official Handmade Ho Down Tweeter, and is responsible for keeping us all clean.


  1. where can i get some of THAT....soap?! damn gurl.

  2. OMG, Alana I just finished the Sookie Stackhouse novels and finally have my life back. At least until she comes out with the next book. ha ha!! I got some of Etta + Billie's body butter...Its nothing short of DEVINE.

  3. i want to read the sookie stackhouse novels!! who has em?

    alana, i want to eat your soap.

  4. I have the whole series you can BORROW :D
    I am totally into the True Blood series now - cant wait another 10 months for season 3! ack!