Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Genesis of the Handmade Ho Down

Legend has it that the idea for the Handmade Ho Down started on fateful September night in an Etsy chat room where the SFEtsy weekly team chat was taking place.
Monkey + Seal had just joined the SFEtsy team a few nights ago, and after coming home from his day job, Monkey remembered that there was a chat going on, and decided to log in. Even though he was late to the chat, everyone else was late as well, and things eventually took a turn to holiday craft shows.

Who knew that an innocent question like "Hey everyone, why don't we start our own craft show?" would gather up such a rowdy crew to actually make it happen. After a massive exchange of emails, a date was set for a tentative face-to-face meeting, and although Jim Dandy's was the only other shop to make it, the Handmade Ho Down committee was born.

That first meeting was said to be destined, fated, magical. After recruiting a cadre of top-notch fellow SFEtsians, the Handmade Ho Down (Too Live) Crew was complete and has dedicated themselves to putting on a kick-ass craft show for your holiday shopping pleasure!

Despite the fact that the band Genesis, has no actual connection (that we know of) to Handmade Ho Down, or the HHD (Too Live) Crew,wasn't Phil Collins a cutey?

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  1. Oh Phil you dawg you. He was kinda hot. Who's the dude in the twisted sister make-up tho? He kina scary.