Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Immediate Call for Vendors and Artists!

Mini Marzipan has paired up with BridgeHead Studios, a local art gallery in Alameda, to do a fun, monthly gallery crawl.

This will be a show with a smaller, more intimate, high-end feel than Handmade Ho Down, but with the same flare and promoting and energy that made Handmade Ho Down such a success!

Estuary Art Attack is an open studio, occurring monthly every 2nd Friday night, of over 19 galleries surrounding the Alameda and Oakland estuary.  Go here: www.estuaryartattack.com to read more about
Estuary Art Attack.

Mini Marzipan is looking for 6 - 12 Bay Area local, high-end artists and artisans to make the February Estuary Art Attack a success. Just in time for Valentine's Day gift purchases!

Wine, snacks and a live DJ will be a part of this part-swank, part- love atmosphere.

And of course, in true Handmade Ho Down style, time is of the essence!!

General Deets:

             Friday, Feb 12, 2010

             BridgeHead Studios
             2516 Blanding Ave, Alameda, Ca

There are 7 spaces available and 1 studio space (perfect for clothing
vendor) available for vendors, and 4 spaces for Artists:

Artist/Fine Artist/Photographer:          
$50 fee + 40% of gross sales goes to the gallery.
(all artist spaces are studio/wall spaces only)

Artisan/Crafter 8x8 Space:                  
$75 fee + 10% of gross sales goes to the gallery.

11'x8' Studio Artisan Space:      
$150 fee + 10% of gross sales goes to the gallery. (please note this includes wall space.)

Deets on the 10% and 40% Commission:
Now, I know many of you may be thinking "10%??!!  OOF!!"

But allow me to point out: 40% is standard gallery commission, so if you aren't a fine artist, you are essentially getting a gallery party, for a artisan/crafter price.

Also, the gallery and the planners then have an even higher vested interest in making their show - YOUR show - a smashing success.

It is suggested that as an artist or artisan, you simply raise your prices for this particular show 40% or 10%, respectively.  As an artisan, if you make $100, you only have to pay $10.  Your booth fee and percentage of sales goes to the swank wine and snacks spread, paying our kick ass DJ's and hopefully paying our hot graphic designer for some kick ass promotional graphics.

**Please note that these percentages of sales will not be a Mini Marzipan standard, but comes from the Gallery itself (and it really is a kick booty Gallery).***

We are super excited about this venue and this show, and this our way of putting some crafty feelers out there to see who is interested.

And hey, spread the word!

As Estuary Art Attack is a monthly show at BridgeHead Studios, we'd love to know if you are interested in this show or other future shows.

If you are, please send an email to: erin@handmadehodown.com WITH your name, business name and 3-5 photos of your work OR your website url asap - especially if you'd like to be a part of February's
show - as we'd like to get all our vendors locked in as soon as possible.

Thank you again so much for all you do!  Hope to hear from you soon
(like right NOW! :D )

Erin and Rebecca
Mini Marzipan Productions

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