Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What you callin Ho Bag?

The Handmade Ho Down (Too Live) Crew is excited to present to you,  a new term in the Official Handmade Ho Down Dictionary of Cool Slang.


a Ho Bag is a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to shopping bags, that let's everyone around you know, that you not only buy Bay Area local goods from your Bay Area local artists and craftisans, you also care about supporting DrawBridge- a Bay Area Local charity organization that helps underprivileged youth.

Ho Bags are also a great carrier for all your amazing finds at the Handmade Ho Down. not to mention a must have accessory while avoiding the maddening dis-spirited frenzy at your nearby shopping mall. (but if you happen to find yourself at one, these bags are so roomy you can fit lots of ripped off heads!) (ok that was gross!).

we came up with a list of ways you can use a Ho Bag:

  • perfect for carrying groceries
  • it avoids the use of wasteful plastic bags
  • how could you look any cuter?
  • great for storing knitting projects
  • one-upping forever 21, as they don't have the Handmade Ho Down Ho Bag design on any of their bags
  • sneaking popcorn, snacks, and beer into the movie theater
  • picnics!
  • diaper bag
  • a sweet and charitable way to present a gift
  • to carry wine bottles at your next holiday party
  • trips to the library
  • lug around heads you have chopped off while shopping at the mall instead of Handmade Ho Down
  • let everyone know that you were at the very first Handmade Ho Down!
  • cat/small dog carrier
  • its an old tradition to have a "carry all" dating back the 17th century
  • put over your head when running into your ex!
  • collect pine cones on walks outside
  • frame it and hang on the wall 
  • use to hide behind when the scary parts come on tv
  • when in a crowd, you can use a ho bag to wave at your peeps so they know where you are!
  • A Ho Bag is a retro comeback from the stylish fashion of wearing a "tote" while shopping in the 40's
  • buying one means you have contributed to DrawBridge, who bring art awareness to thousands of children in the Bay Area who deserve to see the beauty in their lives, despite their situations

these Ho Bags are exclusive to the Handmade Ho Down 2009 event, happening TOMORROW, December 3rd at 1015 Folsom St. San Francisco.

Ho Bags are $5 each, and proceeds benefit DrawBridge. how can you resist? sign me up for 6.

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  1. Thanks to Nilu-Vana White-Smith for the lovely display of "Ho Bag in use". :)