Tuesday, September 29, 2009

its getting hot in here

The Handmade Ho-Down crew is busy finalizing images, flyers, website content, working with our charity group, verifying the vendor application process, spreading the word to potential vendors all over the Bay Area, and frequently meeting as a group to come up with even more ideas to make this event kick some booty!

We are all so excited about this Thursday, October 1st! On this awesome day, we will be revealing our official website, announcing our venue location, and opening up the registration process!

If you are already on the Potential Vendor list, this means that we will contact you as soon as the website goes live, with instructions on how to apply!

 Do you hear that sound? It's the Handmade Ho-Down crew giddy with anticipation!


  1. R, you crack me up and i SO heart you.
    I heart us all.
    SNIFF I love you man!!!!!!